I started playing around with stained glass in 2015 - watching a lot of You Tube and asking questions along the way. The story behind the Stained Glass Peace Sign for me goes back to when I was a kid, I had an Uncle that worked in stained glass and he made my mom a small 3" round 4 color stained glass pendant that she held onto until the late 70's. I was drawn to it and so my mom gave it to me because I liked it so much. Well many many years later now as an adult I was trying to find it in my storage space - and for the life of me I can't find it - my worst fear is I sold it at a yard sale back in Boston years ago - but it could just as easily be tucked in one of the many boxes I still have to sift through in storage - so I decided to re-create that Peace Sign as best I can to recreate it and the memory of it and the feeling of it in my hand - and in this time of such unrest around the world and in our own country I think spreading the message of Peace in any way is a really good thing. I hang one of them in my truck and one in the kitchen window myself. They look beautiful in the sunlight and will add a peaceful colorful sparkle to any window. They also would make a great gift. Each one is unique and handmade - no 2 are the same (although some color combinations I will repeat) - If you have any questions of would like a custom color combo please send an email - - THANKS! 

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